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Welcome to Total Game Score! We are a leading online sports game website. We have games for everyone and based on all types of sports. You literally won’t be able to name a sport that we don’t have a game for on this website! Check out what we have to offer below, and if you ever have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Sports games for everyone

The sports games that we have on Total Game Score and for everyone from kids and teens to adults and the elderly. We of the games for all types of sports. Here is just a smattering of the sports games that we offer.

1. Online Baseball Games

We all love baseball, and playing this amazing online baseball game can’t be great fun. You’ll be occupied for hours with this awesome game. It’s one of our most popular versions, and we even love to play it ourselves!

2. Online Football Games

When we say football, we’re talking about American football! Play with your favorite football teammates, and pick your own team mascot.

3. Online Soccer Games

Soccer, or football as the British call it, is one of the most popular games in the world. With this game, you can be on any team and be any player that you wish.

4. Online Swimming Games

We’ve always love racing games, and what could be better than a racing game where you’re actually swimming? You can be a human who is swimming in the Olympics, or you can choose to be a dolphin or a whale in this game.

Thank you for visiting!

As a final note, we want to say thank you for taking time out of your busy daily schedule to visit Total Game Score. And we also want to invite you to become a member of this site. All memberships are free.

We are currently looking for new members of our site as we are just starting out. We want people to come here who are passionate about online gaming and who love the entire world of this form of recreation. Of course as you can see, we love sports-themed online games, so we hope that you do as well!

Even if you don’t like sports-themed online games, you might like the next round of games that we are planning for the website. That’s right. We are planning to expand our website already because of the great success we’ve had so far!

We plan on making an entirely new section of the website that is devoted to strategy and puzzle games. As gaming designers, we all love puzzle games ourselves, and we know that they can be great for your mind and memory. Why not improve both? Please look forward to these games and others as we continue to expand our website. We can’t wait to see what’s in store, and we hope you’re excited too. Thanks again for visiting, and we will see you back here soon!

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